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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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When Kirk died I didn't even think he and Spock were friends. In TWOK and TOS there was no doubt. I think they could have made nuKirk and nuSpock friends from the beginning of STID and that would have explained the Khaaaannn scream. I'm just not convinced with the flip around and the destiny thing. I would have liked to though.
I think two things cemented that Kirk and Spock were friends in Star Trek Into Darkness: Kirk not allowing Spock to die on Nibiru and that Kirk wanted Spock reinstated as his first officer when asking for his command back (and Spock accepted). I think Spock felt the same way but simply didn't know how to show it.
That they bickered like an old married couple cemented it for me. And Kirk's long-suffering "of course you do" when Spock informed him, immediately after accepting his assignment back, that he "must strongly object to our mission parameters"
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