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Re: The Vulcan Sundering: Books vs TV episodes

What we saw in ENT was a 2,000 year old katra memory, and thus perhaps it could be excused as distorted or impressionistic.

I seem to recall that there was an account from the time of Surak in William Rotsler's Star Trek II Short Stories that was a closer fit to what we saw in canon - at least, it had a war between Vulcans and proto-Romulans on Vulcan.

It's also worth pointing out that in her TNG novel Intellivore, Diane Duane refers to the Sundering as told in The Romulan Way and Spock's World as one of many legends about the ancient Vulcan/Romulan split - she even gets some of the details about it (intentionally?) wrong, like the number of ships sent.
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