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Re: The SIng-Off 4

I really enjoyed tonight's battle between Element and Vocal Rush!

By the way, the current Sing-Off groups have been promoting (as well as cross-promoting) themselves with videos on youtube. Here are the few that I found:

Wake Me Up - acoUstiKats
Back At One - acoUstiKats
Wake Me Up - Home Free
The Chain - Vocal Rush
Fallin' - Vocal Rush
Fine China - Filharmonic
The Way - Filharmonic
Wrecking Ball - VoicePlay with Sarah Vela from Vocal Rush
Can't Believe It - VoicePlay with Emoni from Ten
Suit and Tie - Calle Sol

There's going to be a collab between VoicePlay, Home Free and Filharmonic to be released soon.
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