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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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This page has some images that might also be useful (also has links to two other pages of photos):

There are still images up of the studio model at Christie's as well:

Fair warning: most of these images are huge (which is why I didn't link to any directly)
These images are . With that wealth of image detail it should be possible for an able CGI artist to render an orthographic reproduction with optimal accuracy. Of course it would be great if there were a possibility to scan-measure the original VFX model, but somehow I don't see that happening unless the owner is known and agrees to such an enterprise.

This leaves us little choice than to use pictures to arrive at estimates and approximations.

^^ Because the saucer is too close to the viewer / camera the proportions are distorted and the widest part / diameter of the saucer is "hidden" from our view. However, the greater the distance from the viewer / camera the distortion effect becomes increasingly less, enabling a comparison of two objects close to one another.

The same applies for the stern view shot, now in color, taken from my European TMP Promotion Portfolio:

There's obviously quite some distortion because of the camera lens used. Does it make the shot useless? No, because we are only interested in measuring the width of the impulse engines in relation to the width of the adjacent dorsal. If there would be a distorting effect stretching the impulse engines horizontally it would equally stretch the width of the dorsal.

However, given the diagonal nature of the dorsal and a slight distortion the further we move from the impulse engines away (because the bottom part of the dorsal is closer to us than the impulse engines) it's not possible to get exact measurements but a decent approximation / estimate.

The best front view shot of the VFX model I've thus far seen is this one:

(again, the widest part of the dorsal is further behind and partially obscured by the front torpedo view)

To get a better approximation we should also pay attention to this shot, from the other source:

and then consider this:

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My first instinct tho is that the neck, like an airplane wing, looks thinner than it actually is...
I assume all of us have not grown up surrounded exclusively by trees and caves but surrounded by rectangular buildings, towers, vehicles and so on.

Consciously or subconsciously we measure distances and proportions of objects on a daily basis with "instinct" and most of us have gotten rather good at this based on practical experience.

So while a ruler or a computer can be a powerful ally to make the necessary dorsal width calculations, it does not replace this kind of experience.

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