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Re: Judge Dredd 2012 movie.

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I liked Dredd, though I have to admit that I liked it even more the first time around when it was called The Raid.
What an entirely unique and astute observation! I'm sure nobody has ever thought of it before.

...Also it's an entirely bogus comparison since outside of the general premise, Dredd and Raid are nothing alike.

Besides, the first time I saw The Raid, it was called Die Hard.
Yes it’s an annoying fallacy that Dredd is a rip off of The Raid given it was in production way before the Raid, and even if it had been, no one knew The Raid was going to be anything other than a straight to DVD Kung-Fu flick until after production had wrapped on Dredd.

Like you say, effectively it’s Die Hard to a large extent, but even Die Hard isn’t that original really, you could go back to Alistair MacLean’s Golden Rendezvous for example. Yes it’s set on a boat not in a tower block but the premise is similar, and there are probably lots of other examples.

Dredd is a fantastic film. Admittedly I say that as a fan of the comics. It has a few issues, it never quite feels futuristic enough, and a big part of Dredd’s world is the comic and ludicrous, neither of which are much in evidence here, and Anderson’s pithy wit’s missing too, although I’m being churlish because really it’s the best Dredd film we’ll probably ever get (short of taking 80/85% of Dredd and 15/20% of the Stallone film and sticking them in a celluloid blender

Urban is fantastic as Dredd, and Thirlby makes a great Anderson, a fantastic female protagonist who doesn’t really need Dredd to save her, and I love the interplay.

Dredd: “Been wondering when you'd remember you left your helmet behind.”
Anderson: “Sir, a helmet can interfere with my psychic abilities.”
Dredd: “Think a bullet might interfere with them more.”

Shame we won’t get a sequel…although there is campaign that’s been running for a while with a petition, and they also organised a Day of Dredd where people were encouraged to buy the DVD/Blu-ray on a single day.

I haven’t given up hope, it is a film that’s gaining an audience all the time. We had a thread many months back and a lot of people said they’d watched it not expecting very much, or not knowing what to expect, and had really enjoyed it. I dunno, if Riddick can get a third film maybe Dredd can get a second…
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