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Re: The Ashes 2013

To quote the immortal RW Marsh: We've got the bastards back.

All I wanted at the start of this series was a competitive series. It hasn't really been that, but not in the way I imagine pretty much everyone expected. This has been quite a turnaround, even though the 0-3 result in England didn't entirely reflect the reality of that series.

This is a flawed Australian team and it isn't one that's going to be going around for long, but they've regained the Ashes and that will do nicely.

All credit to Stokes (dare I mention he's yet another not-born-in-England Pom?) in particular for making it a contest. No credit whatever to England for failing to applaud Smith's century. And Watson has only proved yet again that he only performs when the pressure's off.

Pleased for Clarke. Those who hate him will do so regardless of anything and everything he achieves but he deserves this. So do Haddin and Siddle.

I'll backtrack a bit on an earlier post. 5-0 would be nice. But the real result is already achieved after 14 days of the series. I'm okay with that.
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