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Starbase Studios. A TOS fan film studio for everyone.

Starbase Studios Oklahoma City

Starbase Studios is an independent film studio for Star Trek TOS fan made productions. The studio does not produce films of it's own but offers use of it's sets to anyone who wishes to produce their own fan film but could not afford the cost of building their own. There is no charge for use of the studio but donations will be accepted to help cover the operating expenses.

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Starbase Studios started as part of Project Ajax but is now a separate entity allowing us to continue building sets and hosting fan production while Ajax prepares for filming. A large part of the bridge set was donated by Starship Exeter, to whom we are greatly indebted. We would have never been able to build this bridge without having their examples to go by.

Since opening in September of 2013 we have had three productions film, three more set to film early in 2014 and interest from many others.

Now in production,
"Yorktown: A Time To Heal"
"Starship Valiant: Legacy"
"Hanlet: Episode 4 & 1/2: Attack of the Phantom Special"

In pre-production,
"Starship Valiant: Desperation"
"Starship Ajax"
"Kobayashi Maru"

On set with Yorktown: A Time To Heal
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