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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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It's been three months exactly and rather than confirm for 100% certainty that it exists all anyone has done is post theories speculating on how it could be real and accuse those who don't believe it's real of being a TOS purist.
No one has done anything of the sort. Looking back through this thread, the only person who was making a stink about this photo and getting rebuffed was you. And the only person who even mentioned the word "purist" was Gonzo, and he was just making a general statement and not accusing you personally (and he wasn't even referring to TOS specifically), so please stop being so overly dramatic.

As far as I'm concerned it's a fake, like good senator is famous for saying. I don't care if it makes me a TOS purist, but at this point nothing less than posting a link to the scene itself will convince me.
You're welcome to believe it's a fake, and no one has told you that you should believe otherwise. I, however, believe it's real, simply because the 0718 meme is too specific for some random faker to utilize. The number obviously has some special meaning to someone on the production staff; ergo, it was one of them who created this for the film before it got cut.
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