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Re: LAY OFF Insurrection/Nemesis

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^ I guess that he saw and like the movie enough to defend its merits.

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opinions that don't change as a response to effective arguments aren't opinions so much as dogma.
So by that measure, I guess that I can convince you to like this movie by showing you this essay on why it's been wronged?

well, I just sort of skimmed that for now, but it's probably not the best example since I don't think TPM is a terrible movie, merely a mediocre one, so persuading me to go from 2 or 2.5 stars to 3 or 3.5 isn't a heavy lift.

Moreover though, there are certainly movies that I disliked but have come to see with a new respect(even if I don't come to actually ENJOY them) thanks to some well reasoned arguments. And the opposite is true-after "The Dark Knight" came out and it received almost universal praise, I loved it, but made sure to read critical reviews that touched on things like plot holes.

The bottom line is that movies are art, not mathematical or scientific truths. Half of the fun of reading stuff on a forum like this is to see if new angles on a movie can get you to re-think your opinion on it.
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