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Re: Paul Dini: Superhero Cartoon Producers don't want girl viewers

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And male bodies get things "added" to them as well during puberty. In addition to the obvious changes in the genitalia, they gain greater height and muscle mass, a stronger jawline, extra body hair, in many cases a tendency toward more abdominal fat, etc. That's no more "neutral" than the female form. The closest thing there is to a neutral human shape would be that of a preadolescent.
Well, that's kind of related to my point about robots not having penises. I'd submit that many aren't dramatically different from preadolescents. I really don't think it matters either way. There's no reason why a robot couldn't be female. It's only weird/strange if you fetishized it, but there's no reason one has to.
But why would anyone add boobies to a robot?
A) What difference would it make if they did
B) Why are you calling breasts "boobies"? Are you 12?
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