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Re: Paul Dini: Superhero Cartoon Producers don't want girl viewers

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I was really annoyed to read what he had to say about the Tower Prep cancellation. My wife, daughter, son, and I all enjoyed the show, which was somehow a problem for CN? "AHHH! Adults and girls like this show! Quick, cancel it!"
Yeah, it's irrationally narrow-minded. "We're not appealing to the one group we want to sell products to, so we'll cancel the show." Even though they clearly were appealing to other audiences -- so why not just get new sponsors that wanted those audiences? They were succeeding, but not in the specific way they wanted, so they counted it as a failure? That makes no sense.
It's not just cartoons and adults/girls where TV execs seem to have a problem.

Both "Boston Legal" and "Harry's Law" were cancelled despite critical acclaim, several emmy awards and good ratings, simply because the audience was "too old".

David E. Kelley had to fight to get a short fifth season for BL, where he addressed the problem in the episode "Juiced".
There, he had Betty White and David Larroquette sue TV networks for not creating programs for people over 50.
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