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Re: Judge Dredd 2012 movie.

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Anyway, on the one hand I'm glad the movie was Rated-R as it allowed it to go all-out on the blood and violence. On the other hand, had it been Rated-PG13 it may have had a bit better BO take.
Dredd was never going to have a large box office. It was a small-budget adaptation of a niche comic strip with very little U.S. exposure that was released with zero advertising.

In any event, the over-the-top violence is what allowed for the best touches of the film, like the calm PA voice announcing that the food court is closed and refreshments are available elsewhere because a violent criminal started murdering up the food court.

The great aspect of the film is that it's just a day in the life. The one thing Anderson should have failed for was losing her primary weapon, but Dredd passes her because the gun isn't her primary weapon. Learning this is the closest Dredd will likely ever really come to growth (and it should be troubling, because the police state has just realized it now has an even more powerful tool than a gun -- if anything, Dredd gets worse, as his old-school Dirty Harry tactics are "modernized" with Anderson's techniques, and there's something sinister about the rule of the gun being supplanted by this sinister new "soft" oppression).

Meanwhile, everything else goes on. Nothing really changes. (Even Dredd's monologue at the end is the same as the one at the beginning.)
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