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Re: Judge Dredd 2012 movie.

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Friend of mine bought this for a few bucks at a second-hand hand store the other night so we sat down and watched it together last night. Now, I'm not too much a fan of the character (this particular genre/type of hero/anti-hero
I could go on for pages about the brilliance of Dredd, but the most important thing to remember when reading it is that Judge Dredd isn't the film's protagonist (he's just as much of the setting as Mega-City One itself): Anderson is.
Hmmm. Never thought of it that way. Makes sense.

Anyway, on the one hand I'm glad the movie was Rated-R as it allowed it to go all-out on the blood and violence. On the other hand, had it been Rated-PG13 it may have had a bit better BO take.
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