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Re: "The Catwalk" Line-by-Line

Archer helps Trip finish setting up his EVA suit

Archer: It'd be best not to take the scenic route.

Trip nods and exits the catwalk. He makes his way to Engineering where he sees equipment left out on the deck. Trip hides as he hears people approaching. Aliens, the same species as their guests walk through the upper level of engineering. The intruders come down to the lower level, Trip uses a nearby console to cause a noise distraction so he can leave engineering unnoticed. Trip dodges patrols in the corridors and manages to not be seen. He goes to a Port side crew quarters and looks out the window, he sees an alien ship docked with Enterprise. Trip uses a nearby monitor to access security feeds from the bridge.

Meanwhile, in the Ready Room, the Alien leader is looking through information on the ship and crew.
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