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Re: Rain Robinson (Sarah Silverman)

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Definitely against the "type" she's come to be known as.

Rain was cute, adorable and funny. Sarah Silverman (now) is not.
I remember when she was cast as Vanelope in Wreck It Ralph, and one of the things the movie reviewers said about her was how much of a departure playing this sweet little kid role was, and when they saw it they thought it actually fit her like a glove. The way they said that, it was like they couldn't conceive of her playing that role. Ever. She really got plaudits for it.

When I read all that I was like, "Rain Robinson is Vanelope grown up!" It was the same kind of really sweet, affecting performance. And she did it *before* she got her own show or anything!

I hate movie reviewers sometimes.

(Yeah, chalk me up as another Sarah Silverman fan.)
I found out literally yesterday that Sarah and her sister Laura Silverman voice the twins Ollie and Andy Pesto in Bob's Burgers, two of my favorite characters on the show. They're gross and simple-minded, but very very sweet, sincere, and genuine in their love for each other, which makes them really endearing -- and their gross nature is simply because they're like many other 9 year old boys. I love these seeming contradictions, and was happily surprised by the Silverman sisters in the show.
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