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Re: The Eighties Doctor(s): Big Finish vs. BBCTV

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Yeah, I quite like Six now, the audios have done a lot to improve the character.
Improve on perfection! Fantastic. Might have to check them out now.
Yea, I wouldn't say Six is my favorite Doctor on TV, but, I've always liked all of them. After listening the Evelyn Smythe Series with Six (Along with a few other excellent ones), he is the Doctor I have the most experience with for the Audios and is my favorite Audio Doctor.

I've listened to a few Peter Davison Audios, and although I have great affection for his Doctor on TV, I haven't really warmed to his Audio Doctor (I'm hoping I'll like him better on Audio after more exposure to his Audios, but, so far his portrayal of the Doctor just doesn't seem to suit the Audio format for me)
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