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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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^Yes, that makes sense about seeing the inside of the nacelles. Good catch.

IIRC, somewhere there was a series of a lot of B&W pictures taken of the model just before filming it in TMP. I have looked and have been unable to find them again. I imagine you are already familiar with those pictures, but just in case maybe there might be a good picture? Though as I recall, most of those were up close to capture specific details -- so the opposite of what we would need. What would be ideal is a good picture straight down the neck before the saucer was attached. Assuming such a stage existed.

I think someone will just have to track down the actual model with a set of calipers.
Yes - I have those photos from cloudster and they're great reference shots. Unfortunately they all come with some form of distortion

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I had this site bookmarked, but it's down so I'm using the archived version. A lot of angled shots, though.

Quick edit: Try this specific one:
Thank you QuinnTV! There are a couple of tell-tale signs that it will be problematic to analyze though. It's shot from a close distance (you can see the warp pylons are not "edge on" towards the camera and angled outwards) and the shadow and graininess will make it a little challenging as to what is visible and what is not on the torpedo bay or dorsal.

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Thanks Maurice. I'll try and put something together for it.

@Bob and anyone else - if you use this photo, keep in mind that on the torpedo bay, past the connection to the secondary hull the roof of the bay tapers down so from this angle it will appear that the bay is widening towards the bow but it in actuality is not. (The roof of the bay curves up in the middle too.)
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