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Re: Joe Cornish To Direct STAR TREK 3?

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Come on, guys. I've tried for years now to discourage the use of the term "hater" for all kinds of reasons—tends to lead to people beating their heads together for no good reason, among other things—but "many haters begin their critique" does not equal an explicit "connection between complaints about the indiscriminate use of explosions" and "hating".
"Many criminals smoke marijuana... but understand, I'm not making any connection between the two."
We're all fans here, and we can manage to disagree on this or that without bending over backwards to take or give offense, 'K?
Sorry, Lokai, I didn't mean to get pushy, or to derail the thread. I have a tendency to do both, but rarely at the same time. Can we still meet for drinks in the southernmost part of the galaxy?
"Beep... beep!" --Captain Pike

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