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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

It's not that I want the timeline back.
The timeline's fine.
This is only just the era of Star Trek that hasn't been covered yet:
the time between ENT & TOS, aka "The Academy Days".

No, the timeline's not at issue.
It's the time period that I want back, Trek now:
Picard & B-4, Riker's new ship, something like that.
Even another leap forward alá the jump from TOS to TNG would be interesting,
with a whole new cast of interesting, beloved & well thought-out characters.

I care nary a fig for the academy days.
If they'd only go back to what's presently happening with Trek,
I'd be happy with that.
That no-talent buffoon Abrams could direct & I wouldn't mind,
just, again, as long as it deals with picking up at
precisely where we left off in the "Star Trek: TNG/DS9/VOG" story.

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