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Fallen Star - Episode 2 (it's still not Star Trek)

Original forum thread here.

It's been three years since we released our "pilot" (which was intended to be a one-off, until we changed our minds). In that time, we've been working on multiple episodes simultaneously, but in the last year we've really focused on getting Episode 2 finished. Hopefully the next episodes won't take quite so long (he says, naively)!

In episode 2, "The Last Outpost", Captain Logan must confront his personal demons and defend his new crew from a retaliatory strike. Meanwhile, Captain Knight must fend off an attack of a different nature.

You can watch the entire episode on YouTube, here: (40:26)

Our budget for these films is practically nothing. We beg, borrow and steal whatever we can, and we were able to reuse most of our building materials. All writing, editing, visual effects and audio engineering are done by me. It's a hobby.

This episode features some voiceover work from the forum's very own Kelso.

Hope you enjoy it!

Additional links:
YouTube playlist for both episodes
Episode 1 only (53:25)
Short "recap" of events in ep1 (2:27)
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