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Re: J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay hired to write Trek 3 with Orci

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But my commentary was generally about lamenting "reboots," with a cynical swipe at Orwellian attempts to doublespeak "remake." Abrams Trek is just one example. Batman, Spiderman, blah, blah, blah - they all have the disease. Remakes used to be decades apart - not any more.
I don't think that a reboot is a remake unless it also tells the same story as the original, or is an adaptation of it. Going on to tell its own, previously untold stories in a different continuity from the original is precisely and primarily what a reboot is. Of course, something can be both a reboot and a remake, and as an example Max Headroom springs to mind:
In 1987, the story told in Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future, a made-for-television movie shot in 1985, formed the basis of a full-fledged drama television series. The film was re-shot as a pilot program for a new series broadcast by the U.S.-based ABC television network. The pilot featured plot changes and some minor visual touches, but retained the same basic storyline. The only original cast retained for the U.S. version series were Matt Frewer (Max Headroom/Edison Carter) and Amanda Pays (Theora Jones); a third original cast member, W. Morgan Sheppard, joined the series as "Blank Reg" in later episodes. Among the non-original cast, Jeffrey Tambor co-starred as "Murray", Edison Carter's neurotic producer.
The only series midway in I wish they would "reboot," they haven't - Alien 3, a complete and artistically brutal waste of good character development in the form of Snuff Writing out Newt, Hicks, and Bishop - an example of writers getting their jollies by pissing on franchises like dogs to make their mark.
Not to mention, Ripley.

And yes, Hollywood spouses are easy targets. But I used it as an abstract reference these days of needing to "reboot" every few years or hook up with someone new every night, week or month because of whatever it is - lack of attention span, lack or fear of commitment, the MTV quick-cut edit and shaky cam style of cinematography, or the inability to be happy with what you have for a long time? Whatever. We're like runaway consumers always waiting for the next new thing and never happy with what we've been given - yet spoiling ourselves with two minute trailers and continuous set reports so nothing can possibly be new and our thirst can never be quenched. Ever. Like drug addicts. I just lump it all together into the problems of society today. I don't doubt they're all connected, if only loosely. So we get reboots galore and more news about Hollywood spouses daily.
I understood exactly what you meant by it, thanks, but I found the original reference to "Hollywood spouses" to be not only unnecessary but also offensive in the way it appeals to prejudicial stereotypes. The further elaboration here, that would seem to suggest that the existence of reboots is evidence of moral decay, is simply bogus.

Rest assured, though, that I can't stand the shakier shaky cams.
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