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Re: How powerful is a Galaxy class starship?

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That was before Dominion upgrades, plus there were multiple shots from multiple ships before the nacelle went down.
Calling a kamikaze attack a "shot" is beyond understatement. (Not to mention is took many others real shots previous to the kamikaze attack.)

Consider how well the Odyssey did against the Jem'Hadar ships, despite the fact that it had no shields to soften the blow of enemy fire. The only reason the Odyssey was even destroyed was because of a Jem'Hadar suicide attack.
Did it do well though? You have to take into account the circumstances of the action in that it was built to infiltrate Eris onto DS9/the AQ. The Dominion would not benefit from destroying the Odyssey quickly as the rescue attempt would likely be abandoned without it. The point is to make Eris' rescue look good, not to enforce the Dominion's early empty threat about keeping the AQ forces out of the GQ.

If anything throws doubt on the nature of the battle consider what would have likely happened to the Odyssey if Eris had beamed onto it. It would have most certainly survived to limp back to DS9.
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