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Re: TF: The Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow Review Thread (Spoilers!

Just finished reading it (popped through the mailbox this morning; I've never had so much trouble getting a trek book at release).

I liked the callback to the Zife regime, as I was thinking the same thing - a president relying on a smart deputy to manage events. Although given Velk is now off the chessboard, I hope Anjar ends up with more steel in him then Zife had(and after the scene with him and Riker I'm guessing that's the case).

Loved the Doctor's Orders referencing(not to mention the Doctor Who one), and surprised seeing the Magna Romans again. Lionheart crew was rather fun!

In all, t'was a great read. Built on previous books and told all its story threads equally well. If Peaceable Kingdoms is of the same calibre it'll have been a cracker of a mini-series.
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