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Re: Picard made First Contact with 27 civilisations?

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I guess that it would be a matter of what is meant by "First Contact."

Is it a interaction between two species (this is what I believe), or is a official formal meeting?

Zephram met informally with the Captain of a exploration ship, that was considered "First Contact."

In 'Farpoint, all Picard did is talk to a single individual. Really, there has never been a official meeting between the Q Continum and the United Federation of Planets.

Encounters with the Continuum are definitely documented after Farpoint, though, so much so that Sisko and Janeway could access records about those encounters and that Starfleet could study their behavior through those records. There were no records of the incognito-Q, however (and indeed, wouldn't a Q be able to wipe out a universe's memory if they wanted to?). For whatever reason, the Continuum want their presence to be known to the Federation through Farpoint and beyond. Official documentation (record-keeping) would be an important part of First Contact: Q, the Borg, the Dominion, they all entered Federation records in their own ways -- hardly formal, but they made their presence known.

From Memory-Alpha:
The term first contact describes the first official encounter between representatives of two races or governments.
With that said, even though Picard met with a single individual, that individual revealed the nature of his government and race as an official representative of the Continuum (the trial being a very important part of the episode's plot -- trials are judiciary, which is a government institution), and that meeting led to further encounters between their two governments, albeit usually through the same representative.

The initial contact need not be formal -- after all, the Enterprise-D is still credited with first contact with the Ferengi, even though that was born of battle (so definitely not formal). Area 51 and the NX-01's encounters happened without humanity's true or consensual knowledge of the civilization and the Ferengi didn't identify themselves as the attacker of the Stargazer until years 9 years after their battle. The thing that defeats the incognito-Q as first contact is just that -- they didn't want humans to know about the Q at that point, so there was no first contact to speak of until Farpoint.
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