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Re: Joe Cornish To Direct STAR TREK 3?

LOKAI of CHERON wrote: View Post
No, I didn't "flat out say" I was going to dismiss the opinions of those who hold a different view "out of hand" - something I would never do.
How else to interpret the following quote other than you have summarily decided certain criticisms -- one you specifically indicate with an eyeroll for emphasis -- are to dismissed out of hand?
LOKAI of CHERON wrote: View Post
Many haters begin their critique with some glib "it's all 'splosions" rhetoric. Honestly, when I see this now, the rest of their post just blurs into blah blah blah for me.
Like I said, there are always going to be haters, but I'm not getting the connection between complaints about the indiscriminate use of explosions to "hating."
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