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Re: J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay hired to write Trek 3 with Orci

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If you want to make something new - make something new.
Um... okay. But suppose I don't want to make something new; I want to make Star Trek. Your argument makes no sense.
You want to see 'something new'? Then watch SOMETHING NEW. The rub is, most people don't watch something new, and when they do, they complain that the new things aren't as good (or great) as the old things. So they mostly pine for (and watch) the old things, since according to them, movies and TV suck, and 'the actors aren't as good as they used to be.' Or the original new material isn't as great as material of the past.

So, the cycle of repeats goes on and on. The only problem with believing that is; Broadway has no problems with revivals of older works! Why the fuck should Hollywood have that problem?
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