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Re: Joe Cornish To Direct STAR TREK 3?

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My point is that if they don't try something new and different down the line that audiences will get bored.
I understand this point of view. And to be fair, the past THREE Trek outings have been a variation of TWOK.

Nimoy was smart to realize that with THE VOYAGE HOME and it paid off big time.
TVH was TMP done right.

Two big spectacles in a row so far, it would not harm the third film at all to do something unique. A good start would be to stop using a villain hellbent on revenge.
I agree about villian hellbent on revenge part. But I don't see them telling an intimate, quieter, kinder Star Trek movie. The first two nuTreks have been big successes, and much of that is due to its new, slicker and modern visual impact. Although I would prefer a better treatment of story, style is pretty much a given that it will stay exactly the same as we've seen.

But there is NO DOUBT the "revenge-villian" trope has run its course in nuTrek. Enough already, PTB!
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