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Re: The Matrix: the red pill or the blue pill

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The Path of Neo is the only tie in media that isn't considered canon, the rest are. The Matrix Online's background history and files are given slightly more credence than The Animatrix which is canon but stylistically different for each segment, so the 'look' of it isn't.
This all sounds a lot less interesting than the movies themselves, where the apparent conceit was that the Matrix is exactly the same as our world - all of our art and culture is just an illusion. If it's by design more bland than ours that defeats one of the most interesting parts of it (I mean, aside from leather and action and bullet-time of course).

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I guess this is what happens when one is hopelessly dependent on cuisine, desperately trying to play the 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' game, unable to process an unfamiliar reality to the point of preferring to be a slave.
This is childish.

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What about having children in the matrix?
You may even entertain some wishful thinking about the machines allowing conjugal visits between the plugged in pod people, or conducting studies about which people want children in order to give them one.
Doctor Who easily dealt with the question of children in a Matrix-like environment and even made it a subplot. If your whole system is built on illusion and memory alteration it would be, um, child's play.
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