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Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre-release thread

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I think he's not on the same page. Who is the renegade depends on your point of view.
I'm not so sure. Who's in the right depends on your point of view, but "renegade" means a deserter or traitor -- literally, one who has reneged, who has gone back on one's word. More generally it's used to mean an outlaw or rebel. So if Cap is defending SHIELD against some rogue group within its ranks, then yes, they're the renegades. But if Cap is the one rebelling against SHIELD's own leadership -- which does look like it may be the case -- then he's the renegade, even if he is the one morally in the right. True, he hasn't reneged on his own principles, and he might feel that SHIELD has reneged instead. But if he's violating his oath to follow SHIELD's orders, if he's rebelling against those in lawful authority, then he is technically a renegade.
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