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Re: US retreat leaves China leading way in race to return to Moon

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I'm worried more about this being simply an excuse by the Chinese for weaponizing space. I'm very leery of anybody who wants to do this, as the ability to control the space around a planet results in the capability to control the whole planet.

I don't trust any one government with that kind of power.
The Russians and the Americans didn't so why worry about China?

It's not like they can do it in secret so even if they tried international pressure would prevent them from doing that. Even China's legendary "Fuck you world!" attitude wouldn't help them there and why would they? They don't have world domination fantasies like the US.. they are content with being the King of Asia and the world's manufacturing centre which gives them huge power.. why risk it all by being overly militaristic?

Economy is the real power and that's what China is doing (very well).
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