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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Kirk may have foiled the truther plot, but then you have the whole thing with Khan crashing into San Fransisco reflecting the 9/11 tragedy, with none of the characters watching in horror because the film is way too concerned with "we gotta get Khan". It just feels insensitive. It would have gone a long way just to show the characters look at the viewscreen for a minute in horror, not saying a word. This is where I give ST09 points for actually handling the destruction of Vulcan much more tastefully, and even that already worked as a 9/11 attack allegory.
I think that whether characters in the film reacted appropriately to the crash of the Vengeance and whether the film set the right tone for it are distinct issues from whether there should have been something akin to a truther subplot. I don't think it's unreasonable to find it implausible that there wasn't greater evidence of a starship having crashed into the city, rippling through the crowds and traffic seen on the way to and during the fistfight atop the air-truck. Even if they were only at best half-serious when doing so, some posters have raised the issue before that perhaps a depiction of emergency transporters in operation might have been appropriate. My suggestion is a verbal reference:
UHURA (at communications station, listening to earpiece): City reports that the emergency beaming protocol thankfully minimized casualties.
I never mentioned emergency transporters, but I was damn well 100% completely serious about my complaint that a huge starship smashing into the city didn't draw so much as a blink from people just a couple of blocks away. I noticed that somebody gasped when nuSpock smashed through the glass door/window/whatever when he was chasing nuKhan, but the individual who noticed that should also have noticed the incredible destruction that occurred such a short time before, such a short distance away.

FFS, if the moviemakers are going to hit the audience over the head with a Twin Towers reminder, they should have had some kind of realistic response to it onscreen. From what I recall watching the news 12 years ago, people in the immediate vicinity didn't just carry on with their shopping and appointments - they got the hell out of there, and there were all sorts of emergency personnel around.
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