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Re: What are you reading?

A Scientist in the City
Black Rednecks, White Liberals, Thomas Sowell

The latter just for the title essay, in which he posits that the ghetto culture of poor, urban blacks is in fact inherited from the poor rural whites that slaves once lived among, and that these rural whites (the "cracker' culture) brought it from some godforsaken border region of Scotland and England before it became civilized. He adds that the urban blacks would have abandoned the self-defeating "cracker" culture (lax sexual behavior, lack of work ethic, frequent fighting) if they weren't being bailed out by the government trying to help them.

I'm not convinced, and Sowell's frequent use of cracker culture didn't sit well with me given that where I live, "cracker" is a pejorative on the level of kike or wop and is usually applied to working-class rural whites like my own people.
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