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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Speak for yourself. I had to force myself to watch it.
Three times in a single weekend.

I know everyone has different tastes, just having a bit of fun with MakeshiftPython's statement.
It wasn't on a weekend; it was mid-week. And I'm stingy when renting videos; I figure if I'm paying for something I don't get to keep, I want as much use of it as possible.

Even moreso when I realized it was covered under the free video rental the cable company gave me. I wanted to get it watched, retain enough of the story to be able to talk about it, and never have to worry about paying for it again. Therefore, I watched it three times.

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Except theatrical films cannot be anywhere near as inventive and flexible as a tv series, despite a bigger budget. I think Trek TV is still feasible. That last season of ENT proved it could still be done as long as you had passionate writers behind it.
It isn't whether it's feasible or not. It's whether or not I want to really revisit the universe again on a weekly basis? As much as I love Star Trek, the answer for me is no.

I have trouble mustering up the interest to read a Trek comic or novel anymore.
I went through a whole year of never watching any Trek on TV, never reading any of the books, never touching any fanfic... in fact, one day I stood in front of my bookshelf and wondered why I had all this stuff cluttering up my house.

Thankfully, I got over it.

Personally, I'd love a new TV series as long as it wasn't anything to do with the Abrams stuff (or the actors involved in it). Set it in the 25th century at the earliest, and take it from there.

In the meantime, I'm behind on some of my fanfic reading...
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