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Re: How powerful is a Galaxy class starship?

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The Galaxy-class is a large, multipurpose starship optimized for deep-space operations, IMO. It's arguably more powerful than smaller ships, but there was only one instance in which it was referred to as a warship, and that was in an alternate reality where it seemed to be operating as a troop transport.
^ This.

Fundamentally, the Galaxy Class is a technically very powerful ship. But my reading is that it's a multipurpose design that can basically be plugged into whatever it needs to be. So, one Galaxy Class could be technically outfitted for a different mission statement than another, and therefore two Galaxy Classes might actually be better or worse for differing purposes than each other. IMO the 1701-D is a middle range ship designed to be generally good at everything but maybe not spectacular at any of them. Whereas something like the Odyssey might have been outfitted for a different purpose, so it could be more devoted to science missions or deep space exploration, but much less able to defend itself in a sustained fight. It's hard to say how powerful a Galaxy might be if everything was maxed out.

My view is that by contrast to the Galaxy, the Sovereign Class was very much a more specialized ship design, designed for more specific mission statements, so in some ways it might even have been inferior to a Galaxy...
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