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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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The big draw is characters you want to follow, not whatever formula.
That is the biggest problem though. Star Trek hasn't given me characters I want too follow since early in TNG's run, that's close to 25 years. Paramount pissed away any dramatic credibility the franchise had by never really making anything dramatic stick. They made the problem worse by allowing Trek Lit to bring back pretty much every major character whose ever died in the franchise.

Abrams had to do an alternate reality take on the franchise to do anything remotely dramatic and even then Paramount wouldn't allow them to destroy the Enterprise. Can you imagine anyone at the CBS/Paramount offices ever allowing a Star Trek similar in tone to something like Game of Thrones?

Dramatically, visually and conceptually Trek has been passed by.

I remember many years ago someone called what were getting at the time McTrek and they were right. Paramount pumped a ton of it out and it lacked anything of substance most of the time.
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