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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Akuta, the tribal leader of the Feeders of Vaal on planet Gamma Trianguli VI in 2267.
B is for Bajoran Ball Busters.
C is for Cardassian neck muscles.
D is for Droxine and her gravity-defying dress. What there was of it.
E is for Evil Kirk transporter duplicate.
F is for the Fesarius, the colossal, spherical and glowing mothership and flagship for the mysterious First Federation.
G is for Garth. Fleet Captain Garth "Lord Garth! Master of the Universe" Sounds like a 70's cartoon show.
H is for Hirogen hunting trophies lined on the bulkheads of their hunting ships in the Delta Quadrant.
I is for Izar, in honor of the incomparable Captain Garth.
J is for Jupiter, a massive sight for many passing sublight and warp ships over the centuries.
K is for Klingon bastards. Don't trust them!
L is for Landru. Still looks like Vigo.
M is for Marplon, one of the senior members of the underground resistance against Landru's rule over Beta III.
N is for Noel. A traditional Christmas greeting and the last name of a very unforgettable very well-built doctor.
O is for Optronic relays in Earth and Federation vessels.
P is for Perrin. One of Sarek the vulcans human wives.
Q is for Q's rude and dismissive attitudes towards most humans.
On Halloween Night the Great Temporal Pumpkin rises out of his chroniton patch and flies through space with his bag of new timelines for all the children.

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