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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Akuta, the tribal leader of the Feeders of Vaal on planet Gamma Trianguli VI in 2267.
B is for Bajoran Ball Busters.
C is for Cardassian neck muscles.
D is for Droxine and her gravity-defying dress. What there was of it.
E is for Evil Kirk transporter duplicate.
F is for the Fesarius, the colossal, spherical and glowing mothership and flagship for the mysterious First Federation.
G is for Garth. Fleet Captain Garth "Lord Garth! Master of the Universe" Sounds like a 70's cartoon show.
H is for Hirogen hunting trophies lined on the bulkheads of their hunting ships in the Delta Quadrant.
I is for Izar, in honor of the incomparable Captain Garth.
J is for Jupiter, a massive sight for many passing sublight and warp ships over the centuries.
K is for Klingon bastards. Don't trust them!
L is for Landru. Still looks like Vigo.
M is for Marplon, one of the senior members of the underground resistance against Landru's rule over Beta III.
N is for Noel. A traditional Christmas greeting and the last name of a very unforgettable very well-built doctor.
O is for Optronic relays in Earth and Federation vessels.
P is for Perrin. One of Sarek the vulcans human wives.
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