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Re: Would a real life transporter technically be 'murder' ?

I also agree with the last two posts. A system that somehow excites matter temporarily to facilitate transferring or mapping it to another location, without having to crack any atomic bonds (not to mention allowing movement and thought in transit, as is often depicted), I can sorta' not hate so much, or at least with a pathology only slightly worse than Leonard McCoy's. It would also explain why the tech isn't used in warp cores instead of M:AM reactions for that whole converting matter to energy thing.

I've always thought it was ludicrous that only "terrorists" in the TNG era were reckless enough to use those DNA-damaging dimensional transporters, which seemed to keep them in one piece, and everyone else was happy being annihilated more completely than any dedicated weapons system usually did, just to get photocopied across the last hundred miles or so of a hundred light-year journey.

And don't get me started on "bio-filters": "Don't worry Commander Riker, you might be a venereal disease infested mess after your fun on Risa, but the reproduction of you we make from your pattern will be squeaky clean! Oh, and perhaps a lipo-deletion, dermal tuck, colonic and a beard trim on the new you sir?"

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