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The real question is why does the original poster think they all have to be hardcore?
I like it when games include a bonus world of hell. Include tricky secret exits or devious trinkets to collect in the normal game that will unlock a hardcore bonus world at the end. If you want an easy game you can ignore the extra content, but there's a harder game hidden away if you want a challenge. DKC2 only works because looking for Kremkoins and DK coins is equally fun as normally playing the game.

And DKCR's puzzle pieces are even worse than the star coins.

The Donkey Kong Country series did this very well. I wish more games did too.
I will give Nintendo credit for often including bonus levels that are actually hard. For example, 9-6 in Super Luigi U is brutal.

But, I hate it when I have to collect every little thing in every level just to open it up. Now, I consider DKC an exception to this, because in DKC2 all the Kremkoins and DK coins are really, really well hidden. But in Mario games they tend not to be very well hidden. In Super Luigi U there are some secret exits that you'll only ever find on your own by ground pounding every corner of the map. DKC2 is awesome but every other application of that I've ever seen is terrible. You should not have to do tedious crap to get to the fun parts.

When you find a DKC2 Kremkoin you think "Oh, COOL, I can't believe that's where it was hidden."

When you find a Mario star coin you're like "Oh REALLY, it was hidden in that stupid random place?"

You shouldn't have to explore every corner of the easy levels to get to the hard levels. Also in DKC2, the bonus levels were a natural continuation of the difficulty scale of the game, in Mario games they're the only remotely hard levels of the game.
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