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Re: Why didn't Chekov ever make Captain?

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Actually, Chekov was a last minute addition to that film. Every line that Chekov had was supposed to be for McCoy, but De Kelley declined to appear. But Walter Koenig agreed to do it, so Chekov was put into the film and got every McCoy line.
Damn, his behavior on Enterprise-B was a good for him, but it's clear he was acting so McCoyish.

Oh, and as we can see in The Deadly Years, having a higher rank than Captain doesn't mean you're good to command a starship.

I don't think the Ceti Alpha incident would have get him a black mark on Starfleet files. It's surely noted that he's a desaster as historian, but it's not his own fault if this system had not been pointed out as having Khan somehere.
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