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Rare Photos Stocking Stuffers 2013

"Beware Romulans bearing gifts..."

Well after an unanticipated and abrupt 5 month absence, Rare Photos is returning. Though regretfully it will be at a lesser pace than previously.

A chronic health issue of mine, combined with an ever dwindling variety in terms of raw resources, means that while I'll be resuming regular publication, it will be at a reduced bi-monthly rate.

I couldn't let the year end though without a little gift for everyone in the form of the annual stocking stuffers mini-edition.

As you know, stocking stuffers are so named because they're photos that are too modest in pixel size to warrant inclusion in a full issue. But that doesn't mean they're not neat to look at.

Of special notice is the first photo of this years edition. It's an extraordinarily rare alternate cast photo from Star Trek VI.

As for the next regular issue... I'm thinking of picking up with January of 2014. Meaning the schedule after that is March, May, July, September, November and then of course, Stocking Stuffers in December.

Now if anyone happens to be sitting on a treasure trove of behind the scenes or otherwise rare photos from DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise... (as well as a cure for my health issues!) let me know and maybe we can go back to monthly.
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