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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

USS Phoenix
Group: Federation Sim Fleet -
Fleet: Alpha Fleet –
Host(s): GM1 FSF Merlin ( & GM2 FSF Bastetovski (
Sim Website:
Sim Type: IRC Chat Sim (first Wednesday of the month), Message Board
Sim Location: for the once a month gathering.
Sim Time: First Wednesday of each month at 8:00 PM ET.
Open Positions: Fighter Pilots, Medical Staff, Engineers, Specialists

The year is 2325 and it has been a year since the USS Phoenix was commissioned and set out on its mission.

After all the drama surrounding Starbase 35 with its destruction, two Merlin’s, a major refit of the Phoenix and only 24 years early, the phoenix is underway. Life is starting to settle back to normal for the ship and crew.

Presently the Phoenix is at maximum warp heading to an isolated section of the quadrant. Soon the 12 hour maximum warp flight will be completed and our real mission can start; looking for future stellar bodies for the federation to taraform. The borders of the federation are getting crowded. There has been a long time peace and more groups of Federation prospects are applying for membership and protection.

Other than the odd skirmish here and there as you would expect there is an overall peace throughout the quadrant. That could change at any moment with the lines being pushed as the Romulans and Klingons watch on and have already proven they are not hesitant to cross the borders if they so think it is required to perpetuate their desires.

During this last year the problems with the Phoenix and then the Starbase has taken its toll on the crew. Ensign Johnson, now Chief Petty Officer and suspended Helmsman decided to air her dirty laundry and get shall we say out spoken with Admiral Merlin on the Starbase. Out of the goodness and understanding of the Captain Merlin he has saved her neck and restricted her to quarters and assigned the ships counselor, Lieutenant T’Sai to her to assist with her addiction problem and get her ready for duty once again.

In the mean time, the Executive Officer Commander Sitelk is now filling in as the Helmsman till Johnson can return.

Also, the Phoenix has lost contact with the Garuda fighter group and they are going to be listed as MIA. Soon the letters and notifications must go out to the families of these pilots.

What will the Phoenix run into?
Will there be beautiful ready to use planets?
Celestial bodies those are more dead than our ancestors?

Come join us and see what the Phoenix and crew get into next.
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