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Question regarding a paradox in the bridge layout

Hi guys. I am an artist working in the games industry in UK. I am currently working on a personal project and would like to ask for some advice from enthusiasts like yourselves as I have hit a brick wall. My project is to create the top deck of a sister ship to Voyager. It is almost the same as voyager though there are a few differences (surprisingly these differences occur where I couldn't get reference for them).

This is the layout I am using HERE

I struggled to find decent info on the layout of this ship so this is good as I could find and it is fit for my purpose even if it is not that accurate. It looks believable so it works for me however the one place I cannot have inaccuracies is on the bridge which is what has brought me here.

If you trace on the floor plan the route from the corridors at the top down towards the bridge you will see it is all flat with no indicated change in elevation. Entrances to the bridge, ready room and conference room are all on a level. But when you look at the bridge below you see that there are essentially 3 levels of elevation on the bridge (4 including the pilots pit) and the RR and CR are on another level below the bridge as they have steps leading up to it from the doorways.

So if you follow the corridors to the RR and the CR and the bridge you do not go down any steps so they are all on a level. But when you go to the bridge from the RR and the CR you have to go up steps. This is physically impossible.

If possible could anyone shed some light on this for me please?
I could just wing it like other artists have done on this kind of project but I wont do that unless I have to. Have I missed something here or is there a major flaw in the layout or something? Or is it even a fault in the original design or something that was added on the fly during the development and not noticed (as this only becomes apparent when you look at a top down plan). If it is indeed my plan that is off could you provide some more accurate diagrams (any at all would help).

Thanks for any help, it is much appreciated.
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