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Re: Fast & Furious 7 - Lucas Black returns to franchise

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Isn't it in poor taste to kill him in the movie, though? Isn't it better to retire the character in a happy family life?
I don't think so even though because of the money we are talking about an instant gut wrenching decision. Just this summer we had the story of James Hunt willing to risk his life for that title or just to beat a horribly burned Nikki Lauda. From all reports it seems as if Paul Walker was living a fast and furious lifestyle minus the armed robberies and the risk taken could and did end in his death. It would almost a PSA to have Brian die in just an accident as a result of his hobby.

I think however rather then an accident they may combine his story with Han's. And the team goes for revenge. The question then becomes will O'Conner be killed before Dom travels to Japan to meet the Drift King or after as a team member lost during the mission. And I guess that is dependent upon how much they have shot already.
Pretty much my thoughts. It's hard to "take advantage" of the real life death of an actor but it could serve the purpose of the movie which was apparently already a revenge story but the stakes will be so much higher when it's one of the main actors who gets killed (even though Han is my favorite 2nd tier character).
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