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Re: Would a real life transporter technically be 'murder' ?

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I am not a physicist, but I suspect that a transport could work if, instead of converting you to energy, you entered the chamber and space folded around you.
So that, instead of you being beamed somewhere, somewhere is being brought to you, in effect. Maybe it amounts to the same thing, in the end. Who knows? Hopefully, no Spice is necessary ...
I am on the side of Death by Transporter as I have no other way to describe what happens to a person when he gets chopped into googleplexes of tiny little pieces and a photocopy of him appears somewhere else.

But if they made the transporter as a spin off of the warp drive where they simply warped space so that Points A and B go from being <24,0000 miles apart to a few inches apart, I could easily live with that and use such a system.
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