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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Christopher said:
Turbo said:
I was thinking something recently - one of the DS9 characters in the novels needs to be recast - Joseph Sisko.

Who do you think would be a good choice to replace the late Brock Peters? I'd like to see Morgan Freeman's take on Joseph.
Why in the world would you need to recast an actor in your imagination just because he died in the real world???
To be fair, sometimes my mind insists on playing by 'real world' rules when asking 'who would play so&so if this was a movie?' By which I mean, I try to imagine if this book were filmed now, who would be in it?

I mean, I just read To Catch a Thief, a 1940s set detective novel by Robert Kaminsky. Cary Grant plays a large role in it - as in, playing himself. So when I was reading it, part of me went 'So who would play Cary Grant if this were a movie. Can't think of any actor who's like him ...'

Then, a split-second later, I sort of went 'Oh, yeah of course ...
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