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Re: The Matrix: the red pill or the blue pill

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There is absolutely no evidence of any of that.
In the trilogy they glossed over it, in Enter the Matrix, Matrix Online, Path of Neo and the short lived WB site giving the backstory, there are dozens of layers of authority down from Agents.
[...]I'm only going by what I see in the films. And in them, I can only conclude that Matrix life is much like ours. "What Mister Fandango said", for example.[...]
Chemahkuu already explained in detail how wrong you are with your wishful thinking, as per canon.

But - you actually thought that the matrix is like the real world, based on what you saw and was established in the movies? That all jobs/lives there are not pointless treading water? Really?
I guess this is what happens when one is hopelessly dependent on cuisine, desperately trying to play the 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' game, unable to process an unfamiliar reality to the point of preferring to be a slave.

What about having children in the matrix?
You may even entertain some wishful thinking about the machines allowing conjugal visits between the plugged in pod people, or conducting studies about which people want children in order to give them one.
Let me disabuse you of such notions: the most efficient procedure (meaning, almost certainly, the pocedure used) is for the machines to give the crop of newgrown children to random people, followed by rewriting the memories of said people, making them believe they wanted/had the children.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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