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England crawl to stumps 200-odd behind in what seems to have been a more old-fashioned day's play. Our bowlers appear to have been reasonably patient for once and Clarke's changes reaped a crucial wicket on two or three occasions. Still, Bell can bat for days and Prior found a bit of form in Adelaide so no need for anyone to get carried away yet.

Pietersen must be Warne's only competition for the status of the most colossally arrogant and egotistical cricketer of the modern era. His latest extraordinarily stupid shot - to a bowler who's dismissed him far more often than anyone else in Tests - just reeked of "I'm ever so much better than you and I'm going to prove it". What a prat.

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[...] Haddin [...] in my opinion is player of the series so far.
Agreed. He should have been player of the match in both previous games, IMO. Just outstanding - now he's rid of the elbow injury that pretty much destroyed his batting a few summers back and his off-field issues are much brighter (thank God), he's fully resumed the place he shouldn't have lost in the first place. Great to see.
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