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Re: Lost Girl season 4

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I lost interest in it quite a while ago. Too dark for me. And I'm just so sick of vampire stories.
Really? That's interesting. You know me: I have no patience with the dark stuff and it doesn't strike me that way at all. As for the Vampire politics, I agree that that's not the series' strongest attribute, especially to the degree they've gone a couple of times. The show is best when it's intimate and personal.

I've never liked Laura Vandervoort much.
I don't know who that is, or much else about the show, except that it stars a Werewolf.

Last season, on their Canadian imports, Syfy bleeped language at 8 PM that they left unbleeped at 10 PM. So yeah, there may be cause for concern about censorship.
That sucks. I hate censorship.
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