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It's been about a week or so since the last time I had time to read any threads, so forgive me for backtracking a bit...

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No gator meat. Not that I'm aware of or remember, that much I know. I've had friends and relatives prepare a wide variety of different meats over the years for get-togethers but I don't think reptile (other than snake meat) has ever been on the menu.
Go to New Orleans. I had gator sausage there about 15 years ago, and it was delicious.

I've also had emu (there are emu farms in southwestern Ontario, around Windsor) and bison. I wouldn't mind trying kangaroo, but I'd have to make a special trip to find any. (Apparently there's a place downtown that carries kangaroo, camel and ostrich meat. I might be able to get down there next weekend... hmmmm.)
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